DMR / D-STAR Gateway | Dstar vs Dmr rx only

The Germans have done it again!

From the folks that brought us the ircDDB network, we hear from Hans-J├╝rgen Barthen, DL5DI, that there is now a gateway between D-STAR (DCS Gateways) and Hytera DMR Repeaters using the AMBEServer with either the DV3000 or ThumbDV™.  This gateway is in use at a handful of DMR repeaters in Germany and Austria with systems soon to be implemented in Sweden and Switzerland.

You can download executables for the gateway and combine with the AMBEServer to create your own gateway. The software does D-STAR callsign to DMR radio ID mapping and transports audio between networks using the Hytera API.

Another step toward Universal Digital Radio from the community of amateur radio developers using products from NW Digital Radio.

DMR / D-STAR Gateway

Dstar vs Dmr rx only

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    DMR is the ONLY way to go !!!


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