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OpenWebRX Feature Overview And Raspberry Pi Setup

OpenWebRX Feature Overview And Raspberry Pi Setup

Electromagnetism - Maxwell's Laws Explained Simple

Electromagnetism - Maxwell's Laws

Easy to understand 3D animation explaining all of Maxwell’s Equations. Includes explanations of induction motors, magnetic materials, electromagnetic waves, and many other topics.

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MCA208M VHF/UHF Receiver Multicoupler - 25 MHz to 1 GHz - 8-ports

MCA208M VHF/UHF Receiver Multicoupler - 25 MHz to 1 GHz - 8-ports

MCA208M is an active multicoupler designed to distribute VHF/UHF antenna signals to eight (8) receivers without loss and with high isolation between ports. It is specifically suited for signal intercept and VHF/UHF monitoring stations, both fixed or mobile platforms. It can be used in any monitoring post using receivers, scanners or spectrum analyzers.

MCA208M has a mechanical and electrical design construction that will meet any government, military or commercial specification. This unit is designed to give high performance results in any radio monitoring post using multiple intercept receivers. Rugged die-cast aluminum enclosure with a black powder coat finish is standard, olive drab green (MIl-841OD) is also available on request.

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RaspberryPi Setup - P25 / Allstar / Echolink / SharkRF

This Amateur Radio Digital Portal is a live example of ham radio at its best.  We use this portal to communicate the morning and evening drive also accessible worldwide 🌍 🗺

BrandMeister <-> MMDVM_Bridge <-> Analog_Bridge <-> Analog_Bridge <-> MMDVM_Bridge <-> P25Gateway

Come and join us, also visit the private VOIP server for voice communicate.
RaspberryPi Setup - P25 / Allstar / Echolink / SharkRF 🦈 / MESH / Packet radio

Desktop Radio Scanner Antenna - Multi Band W/ Discone

Desktop applications, this magnet mount antenna is not your average discone!

Standing 36” tall and weighing in at 3.4lbs, this combines a discone design but smaller for internal use along with 4 discrete tuned elements to provide the best wideband desktop scanner antenna.

Discone style desktop receiving antenna w/4 custom-tuned elements
  • Frequency: 25-2000MHz 
  • Heavy-duty 4.75” magnetic base for stationary vehicle use 
  • 36” overall height 
  • 12ft RG58 mil-spec coax 
  • BNC male connector

How To Install Anderson PowerPoles for a new Ham Radio

 How To Install Powerpoles for a new Ham Radio

A demonstrate how to install powerpoles onto a new wiring harness from a radio with T-connectors on one end, and bare wire on the other end.

Have always been using these little gadgets Anderson PowerPoles and love them.

Anderson PowerPoles