Manufacturer:  MOTOROLA
Motorola MTX9000 portable. 900 model
Model:   MTX 900mhz

Also Available :::
Motorola NTN1340A Converta com Radio Holder MTVA
Model ::  NTN1340A
Rated ::: 9/10

Motorola Convert a Com UHF Kit, two boxes. complete kit open boxes., does not have any instruction manuals. (can obtain those online) Models: NTN1323B and NTN1340C .

Model ::   NTN1324ARated :: 9/10

Other Notes ::

Exploring 900 MHz - Radios for 900 MHz / 33 Centimeters & Their Modifications

Motorola Jedi Series
Model ::    H01WCH4DB7 AM NX
Rated ::  9/10  owned a few of the Motorola units in the 70's after my interested in HAM RADIO and have since sold 90's.

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