Commscope DB408 ANTENNA UHF406-512MHz 8 bay Repeater Antenna

Commscope DB408-B Antenna
Commscope DB408 BROAD BAND ANTENNA 6.6 or 7.8 dB GAIN, 406-512 MHz 8 bay
- Decibel Products DB-408 8 bay - 2 X 8 Foot antennas

VE3SP - VE3WZW - Commscope DB408-B Antenna
Commscope DB408-B

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VE3SP - VE3WZW - Commscope DB408-B Antenna
Commscope DB408-B

Here is a pair of UHF tuned (1 for digital / 1 analog antenna) in fine shape.

Commscope DB408-B 4 new Andrews connectors

Antenna - Commscope DB408-B

*** One antenna is centered around 440 or so, and the other is down in digital section of the band about 435 or so. The one with the dipoles in line is the voice band antenna.

(Repeater Antenna)

Removing a Ham Radio Repeater Antenna Two DB404 antennas are combined to form the DB408 antenna with its 4 stack collinear array of dual dipoles.

Broad Response - With 14 to 24 MHz bandwidth, DB408 is highly suitable for duplex operation.

Moisture Resistant - VAPOR-BLOC cable harness provides weather protection and assures in phase signal distribution to all elements.

Circular Pattern - DB 408 has dual dipoles positioned at 90 degree angles from each other.

Offset Pattern - DB408L has all dual dipoles in line, collinearly, on the mast.

Side Mounting - Either model can be side mounted, resulting in significantly different patterns.

Dual Models - Two DB404 antennas on the same mast function independently.

Field Changeable - Patterns can be adjusted with ordinary hand tools.

Lightning Resistant - The radiators operate at DC ground and the aluminum mast with its pointed cap provides a low resistance discharge path to the tower or ground system.

Ordering Information - Use model number for correct frequency and specify termination if non-standard. Order DB408 for omni pattern, DB408L for offset pattern, DB408D* for dual antennas with omni patterns and DB408DL for dual antennas with offset patterns. DB365-OS Clamps are included. Order DB5012 Side Mount Kit if needed. Other size clamps can be special ordered.

Examples: DB408-B, DB408L-B for 450-470 MHz range.

comments ::
Decibel is a commercial antenna manufacturer for land/mobile communications. The DB-408 gives 6.6 dBd (true dB over a dipole antenna) omni coverage. It is 10 feet tall and constructed of heavy wall 1.5" tubing. The elements are constructed of aluminum and stainless steel as well. Use this antenna for serious, long-term repeater or base operation. As mentioned in the previous review, the 450-470 model is most common and works very well in the ham band down to 442 MHz, with slightly higher reflected power down below 442 (no worse than about 1.7:1 down to 440).. Decibel custom makes a ham modem (440-450) or at least did several years ago, but the performance is very little in difference than the 450-470. Decibel also makes a 16 element antenna (DB-420) with 9.2 dB but is much heavier and over 18 feet tall. I have used the DB-408 8-bay antenna on several repeaters, and have had great, long-lasting success. Being that many commercial/public safety repeaters have been switched out to 800 MHz, you can probably find used DB-408 and DB-420 antennas on towers that aren't being used anymore.

150ft of new Andrews FSJ4-50B heliax and 4 new Andrews connectors.

YAESU DR-1 144/430 Dual Band C4FM/FM Digital Repeater. The YAESU DR-1

Yaesu DR-1X repeater -

Bowmanville Amateur Radio Club Repeater
Commscope DB408-B Antenna