Dreamcatcher v3.05 Data Radio Kit


This product will be replaced with a lower-cost, simplified version. 
Dreamcatcher 3.05 and the Skylark operating system can still be used for reception of the Othernet data broadcast. However, no additional software updates will be made to Skylark. Any new types of content will only be received and stored as files. Ongoing development of the Othernet receiver will target the ESP32-S2 microcontroller from Espressif Systems. 
This kit includes one Dreamcatcher.

The chat application requires two Dreamcatchers. The software for the chat application can be found here (only licensed amateur radio operators should use the Dreamcatcher in transmit-mode):

  • 1 GHz ARM processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • WiFi USB dongle, capable of access point and client-modes
  • 13V/18V bias tee to power external LNB
  • Two microSD slots; secondary microSD for content storage
  • Dedicated LEDs for packet reception, heartbeat, and power
  • 2.5 PPM high precision TCXO
  • Secondary button for resetting wifi to AP-mode
  • Requires 5v/2A via microUSB power source (not included)
  • Dimensions 12 x 11.7 cm (4.7 x 4.6 in)

Kit Includes:

  • One Dreamcatcher v3.05 board 
  • EDUP USB WiFi dongle (Link)
  • LNB (model may vary)
  • 6-inch F-type-to-micro RF coaxial (u.fl/IPEX)

    Operating System Links (microSD card *not* included in kit):

    Skylark firmware for satellite data/radio reception

    Armbian (based on Debian)

    The schematic for Dreamcatcher 3.05 is available here

    You may also review the User Guide developed by one of our customers.

    A helpful community of people who are familiar with the Dreamcatcher: http://forums.othernet.is/

    Our satellite broadcast is currently available in much of North America and Europe at a download speed of 10kbps. We broadcast from SES-2 and Astra 3B

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