Raspberry Pi seismograph project - Seismo Acoustic Monitor

Seismo Acoustic Monitor

The RS&BOOM combines all the features from the RS1D seismograph and the RBOOM infrasound monitor. It is a complete solution for monitoring the shakes of the Earth and the infrasonic booms in our atmosphere. Often the same source will produce both seismic signals, that resonate through the ground, and infrasonic waves, that travel through our atmosphere. With the RS&BOOM now you can record and explore the connection between these two data sets simultaneously.

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The 1D, 3D, 4D and “Shake and Boom” have the same capabilities for detecting Earth motion in the vertical dimension. The 3D replicates these abilities in the horizontal dimensions, providing the user with a fuller view of earth motion in all 3 dimensions. The difference between the 1D and the 4D is that the 4D has a 3 dimensional accelerometer built into the board. This is interesting for people who live in earthquake zones where the strong motion might be enough to saturate the vertical sensor. With the accelerometer, the earth motion would remain on scale with the added benefit of being able to detect lateral motion as well.
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Seismo Acoustic Monitor
Professional all-in-one seismograph and infrasound monitor
Detect vertical motion for all local seismicity, and larger quakes from across the globe
Record infrasonic wave signals that bounce around the atmosphere
Monitor seismic & infrasound data from the same source simultaneously
Outdoor Only: Includes a custom built rain proof, dust proof, bug proof, all weather enclosure – IP67 rated
Amateur Radio Toronto

originally setup 2019

Worldwide, there are around three million ham radio operators, often referred to as hams. They communicate over designated radio waves using two-way radios, homemade equipment, antennas, repeaters, the internet, and even via satellites orbiting the earth.  

Recently, many ham radio operators have been incorporating Raspberry Pis into their projects. This is because these little single-board computers (SBC) have many benefits, including being easy to implement and portable – eliminating the need for heavy, stationary, and expensive equipment. Thanks to something called software-defined radio (SDR), computers and SBCs can be used for radio communications.

see @ VA3YYZ

setup 2019 #1
2021 #2

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