ICOM FTDX10 Transceiver

Cottage setup.

FTDX10. Part of the shack.  (own device)
www.FTDX10.com.    (own domain). ///. (own groupsio)

www.FTDX10.com. (curator)

The months from January using this has been outstanding and enjoying.

Yaesu FTDX10
Yes I added intentionally, the mistake “icom” to identify the petty one. Find the haters(search).

I am using FT8 and only thing you need is a USB cable (shielded and ferrite recommended). BEsides that for FT8 WSJTX or JTDX. You will need to install de virtual com driver. You don't need the signal link stuff!! The radio have its own sound card. Please check Video at YouTube about FT8 and Yaesu FT10DX. Not complicate what is more simple.

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