Pi3U – UHF (420-450 MHz) radio for the Raspberry Pi3
Pi3V – VHF (144-148 MHz) radio for the Raspberry Pi3
Pi4U – UHF (420-450 MHz) radio for the Raspberry Pi4
Pi4V – VHF (144-148 MHz) radio for the Raspberry Pi4

Note that the two male USB plug locations are switched between the Pi3 and Pi4 models of SHARI so that access to the Ethernet jack on the Raspberry Pi is not blocked.


  • Works with a Pi3 or Pi4 (USB connector positions swapped)
  • Uses the Cmedia CM119B or CM108B USB audio IC
  • Uses a NiceRF SA818 UHF or VHF embedded radio module
  • 100 to 400 milliwatts RF output power
  • Small, portable with self contained radio and antenna
  • Kit includes PCB with all surface mount parts installed
  • Kit builder installs 8 through-hole parts, the radio module and completes final mechanical assembly
  • Rugged RFI-resistant metal enclosure
  • 3D printed plastic end caps with all required holes provided
  • Radio settings changed using a program running on the Raspberry Pi

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